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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – March 3, 2014

Parker Brothers

Parker Brothers

The Yankees may have more money to spend than anyone. But if the future of free agency is any indication, they won’t pick up a major superstar via free agency.

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How Can The New York Mets Improve For The 2014 Season? Start With Some Outfielders!


New York Mets

As of today, The New York Mets sit in third place in the National League East with a not so good 57-66 record. With that record being nine games under the .500 mark, they need to make some improvements. How will they do that? One way is to pick up some free agents.

By Dan Wanser (MLB Reports Writer)   

The New York Mets have struggled this year, but they are hoping to be able to do much better next year.

With solid players such as Third Baseman David Wright, Pitcher Matt Harvey, and an up and coming star in Jenrry Mejia the Mets have key players that they can build a good team around for the years to come.

If they want to improve, they need to do something. To do this, they will likely pick up some free agents and possibly make a trade or two.

If they want to pick up some free agents, they can go after outfielders such as Shin-Soo Choo of the Cincinnati Reds who would help defensively in Center Field and could also hit lead-off  or anywhere else in the line-up if asked.

Marlon Byrd’s GS

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