MLB DFS Picks For DraftKings 4/21/20

play each of the following contests after signing up,
16 rosters will get entered each in the .10, dimetime, quarter jukebox 0.25 and MLB solo shot and $1 per
Go to mlb click icon.

Game format is MLB Tiers,

20 rosters is the max for each contest so you can play 4 of your own rosters. 

Best way to do this is to enter the .10 contest and create a roster for each of the following then enter it into the other 2..
3:10 pm pst slate 7 games
Stanton and Alonso on every ticket.
#1, J.Martinez, Bogaerts, Naquin and Bryant
#2, J.Martinez, Bogaerts, Naquin and Lindor
#3, J.Martinez, Bogaerts, Merrifield and Lindor
#4, J.Martinez, Judge, Merrifield and Lindor
#5 J.Martinez, Judge,, Naquin and Bryant
#6, J.Martinez, Judge, Merrifield and Bryant
#7, J.Martinez, Judge, Naquin and Lindor
#8, J.Martinez, Bogaerts, Merrifield and Bryant

#9 Guerrero, Bogaerts, Naquin and Bryant
#10. Guerrero, Bogaerts, Naquin and Lindor
#11, Guerrerp, Bogaerts, Merrifield and Lindor
#12 Guerero,, Judge, Merrifield and Lindor
#13., Guerreo, Judge,, Naquin and Bryant
#14, Guerrero,,Judge, Merrifield and Bryant
#15. Guerrero, Judge, Naquin and Lindor
#16.  Guerrero, Bogaerts, Merrifield and Bryant

Other 4 rosters up to you good luck.  Contest fees equal $27 USD. Don’t like my players, substitute your own names,

What happens when your players all click.

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