Sons of ’84 2018 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot (If I Had One)


It’s that time of year again where I lay out who I’d vote for if I had a Hall of Fame ballot towards the 2018 election.  Standard rules apply with from the BBWAA form, where I can select between zero and ten players on the current ballot.  For the BBWAA, a player must receive at 75% or more of the 442 ballots being sent out.

New to this year’s ballot: Chipper JonesJim ThomeOmar VizquelJohan SantanaJamie MoyerAndruw JonesLivan HernandezJohnny DamonHideki MatsuiChris CarpenterOrlando HudsonAubrey HuffJason IsringhausenCarlos LeeBrad LidgeKevin MillwoodScott RolenBilly WagnerKerry Wood, and Carlos Zambrano

Returning players include (% votes received for 2017): Trevor Hoffman (74%, 5 votes short in ’17), Vladimir Guerrero (71.7%), Edgar Martinez (58.6%), Roger Clemens (54.1%), Barry Bonds (53.8%), Mike Mussina (51.8%), Curt Schilling (45%), Manny Ramirez (23.8%), Larry Walker (21.9%), Fred McGriff (21.7%),  Jeff Kent (16.7%), Gary Sheffield (13.7%), Sammy Sosa (8.6%)

Let’s get the PED thing out of the way right now…I don’t care.  We can’t be sure of who was and wasn’t on anything first off.  Second, ever hear of amphetamines or greenies?  How about gamblers, drinkers, drug users, domestic abusers?  You will find all of these in the Hall already, so I’m not going to preach out the ground of morals why a player can’t be in.

On to my vote…

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