Overrated Prospects In Baseball

Buxton, the Twins' number 2 prospect, has a surplus amount of speed. Not only that, he has brought his bat around and is. His strong arm is going to create a lot of outfield assists for this kid in the future.

Buxton, the Twins’ number 2 prospect, has a surplus amount of speed. Not only that, he has brought his bat around and is. His strong arm is going to create a lot of outfield assists for this kid in the future.

By Jordan Gluck (Prospects/Baseball Operations Correspondent)

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Overrated Prospects

What I want to do in this article is point out top prospects ranked by other people who i think are going to bust or underachieve greatly. I will be using mlb.com top 100 prospects fueled by the minds of Jonathan Mayos team.

The number next to the prospect will be his ranking by Jonathan Mayo.

So if you ask why there is no number one (Byron Buxton) that will be the reason. Prospects are a risky thing and there is nothing guaranteed.

You can get injured, underperform, or flame out at the major league level. There is a chance that I am wrong here but hey there is a chance that anyone could be wrong. Here are my buyers beware prospects for 2014.

  1. Gregory Polanco OF Pit

I just don’t see the superstar attributes that people keep saying that he has. For one he doesn’t have power and his bat isn’t anywhere near elite. He does have speed but I don’t see him staying in center field.

  1. Austin Hedges C SD

Yes I will admit he is as good as a defensive catcher as I have ever seen at the minor league level. Saying that I don’t believe that he will ever hit. I see a .235 hitter with maybe 8 HR in a good year. He will absolutely be in the majors soon but it won’t be for his bat at all. I see a #8 hitter.

  1. Andrew Heaney P Mia

He has always seemed too lanky for me. I don’t see any plus plus pitches and I want to see him challenged at upper levels. I can see a good reliever or number 5 starter.

  1. Jackie Bradley Jr. OF Bos

He is a player that is very good defensively in center field as far as his routes go. I don’t see the power and can’t imagine his hit tool having long lasting success. He also isn’t that fast which hurts where you can put him in the lineup.

  1. C.J. Edwards P Chc

He is a very lanky pitcher with basically no meat on the bone. I also don’t see the secondary pitches working at the major league level with a fastball that only grades out as a 6. He could be a reliever if he can’t be durable.

  1. Allen Webster P Bos

I am puzzled how Mayo ranked Webster this high. His stuff is average at best and his control isn’t magnificent. I just don’t see a quality starter at all and i think he will end up as a AAAA player.

  1. Marcus Stroman P Tor

He is 5’9 and looks very likely to land a relief role for me. I don’t think that he can handle being a starter even with some decent pitches. He is the type of pitcher which i believe a hitter can easily figure out.

  1. Alen Hanson SS Pit

He is a shortstop which i don’t see being successful at the major league level. I don’t think he can hit, I don’t see anything above 35 power and his speed is average for a shortstop. Just a prospect which will not pan out.

  1. Luis Sardinas SS Tex

He is a player with plenty of speed and a decent defender. He can’t hit. He also has no power. I can see the rangers with Andrus and Profar up the middle try to trade Sardinas later in the year for some pitching assuming he hasn’t lost his value yet.

  1. Braden Shipley P Arz

He fell to the Diamondbacks in the 2013 draft and i believe that is for a good reason. I don’t see a high ceiling with Shipley and can easily see him having difficulty in his second season.

  1. Rafael Montero P Nym

He is a player which doesn’t really have the hit or miss stuff. He is also a little undersized being only 6 feet tall. I don’t believe the quality of stuff is there to be successful in the major leagues.

  1. Matt Barnes P Bos

He is among the slew of red sox prospects on Mayos top 100 list and the third red sox player on my list. I don’t see the special goods needed to be a quality major league pitcher. I can see him as a reliever though.

  1. Roberto Osuna P Tor

He’s got a long ways to go if he wants to make the show.

  1. Edwin Escobar P Sf

He is still developing but really not enough talent to have success at the tougher and more challenging levels.

  1. Trey Ball P Bos

I promise I’m not a Red Sox hater even though he is my 4th Red Sox on this list. He was taken with the 7th pick last year out of high school with very sizable risk involved.

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Jordan grew up a FLORIDA Marlins fan but lost his devoting allegiance when they moved to Miami.  He is now a student  at the University of Denver .

He will have a heavy focus on roster evaluations, prospects, and the business of baseball!  

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