Andre Ethier Can Play On My Team Anytime: The LA Dodgers Home Grown RF Is Good

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Sunday, January.13/2013

Andre Ethier finished 6th in NL MVP Voting during the 2009 season. It has been his best year to date. He hit 31 HRs, added 106 RBI, 76 XBH Overall and scored 92 Runs.  He won a Silver Slugger Award for his efforts.

Andre Ethier finished 6th in NL MVP Voting during the 2009 season. It has been his best year to date. He hit 31 HRs, added 106 RBI, blasted 76 XBH Overall and scored 92 Runs. He won a Silver Slugger Award for his efforts.  Matt Kemp and he both have played only for the LA Dodgers in their Careers.

By Aaron Roberts (Dodgers Correspondent):  

Isn’t a well-prepared home meal always better than take-out? There’s just something about it that makes the food taste better. Maybe it’s because you prepared it yourself or that it’s uniquely yours. As if the fact that no other hands have influenced the final product makes the flavors just pop right out like they were meant to. Well I feel the same way about Baseball players. While he was drafted by the Oakland Athletics, he came over to the Dodgers in a trade before he had a single At-Bat in the Major Leagues. 

Homegrown talent is priceless. There’s an intrinsic quality that players who’ve only worn your colors have. They just feel more authentic as if they care about the name on the front of the jersey more than the one on the back. Thus is the case with Andre Ethier. He has been the Right Fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers for all seven years of his Major League tenure. He’s been with us through thick and thin. The good and the bad. He’s tasted the sweetness of October Baseball and the bitterness of July Bankruptcy. He’s true blue all the way.

Andre Ethier 2012 Highlights – Mature Lyrics For Content, so Parental Guidance is advised

Andre  Ethier is not a big Stolen Base threat

Andre Ethier is not a big Stolen Base threat like fellow Outfielders Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford are.  He provides steady numbers for the club, year in and out.

Now that the Dodgers turn over their couch cushions and find $2 Million in loose change, the Internet has been aAndre buzz with trade rumors surrounding Andre the Giant. The general idea is, we trade him away to restock the farm system and sign a stopgap until reinforcements arrive. Well, I have to ask; why is the Dodger organization and most fans so eager to move a staple of our outfield? For a guy who averages a .290 Batting Average, 21 HRs and 86 RBI over a season, he sure doesn’t get much love! Oh, did I mention that he’s a 2-time All-Star with a Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove under his belt?

“He can’t hit lefties.” “He’s a streaky hitter.” “He’s got a bad attitude.” “He’s hairy.” I’ve heard it all. You know what matters to me? The fact that he’s worn a blue “16” for his entire Major League Career. But for the sake of argument, let’s address some of the issues.

“He can’t hit LHP!”

 So? What does that even mean in the grand scheme of things. Break any players numbers down and you’ll find that they struggle in some specific category. You know how we bypass all of that and weigh a player’s offensive worth? Average. I don’t care if Andre Ethier has a .010 average against lefties and a .700 against RHP. What I care about is that over 162 games, he has an all-inclusive average of .290. That’s good enough to put him in the top 10 percentile of outfielders. So what if he hits lower against Left-Handed Pitchers than he does against Right-Handers. He still comes out on top over the course of a season. And there’s always the option to platoon him when the Dodgers go up against a southpaw.

“He’s a streaky hitter!”

 Same rebuttal as above. It’s all about his end of the season Batting Average.

 “He’s got a bad attitude!”

Says who? The media? His teammates? You? I’ve never seen one shred of real evidence to support this claim except bogus articles and a picture of him flipping off photographers who shouldn’t be at batting practice in the first place. There was also the interview where he indirectly stated that he most likely wouldn’t be wearing Dodger blue in the future. Well that went out the window when he signed a 5-Year Extension with the Dodgers.  Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford will certainly round out one of the stronger outfields in the National League for Manager Don Mattingly.

The fact of the matter is, he’s a Dodger. Yes he started in the Oakland farm system but he’s never put his uniform on in any Major League Home clubhouse except the Dodgers’. He’s repeatedly performed under pressure for us even garnering the nickname “Captain Clutch.” He’s done amazing things in Dodger blue that have been a joy to watch. Remember his 30 game hit streak? How about when he broke the Dodger record for most consecutive at-bats with a hit?  Or that he’s the only Dodger to have more than 30 doubles in six consecutive seasons? OK That last one may be reaching a little but the point is that this guy has been part of the foundation of the current generation of Dodgers. If the season were to start tomorrow, we’d have 5 starting players out of 13 (8 on the field, 5 in the rotation) who are true Dodgers. That’s a pretty close-knit group of guys who made their way to the Major Leagues together. Why would we want to throw all of that away for a rent-a-player? How about we show a little loyalty for a change and stick with a guy who’s stuck with us.

Andre Ethier features a Career 3 Slash  of .290/.360/.839.  Against RHP, it escalates to .311/.387/.913.

Andre Ethier features a Career 3 Slash of .290/.360/.839. Against RHP, it escalates to .311/.387/.913.  The Right-Fielder is looking to improve on his 2012 campaign-where he hit 20 HRs and added 89 RBI.  He still managed to hit .284.  With the revamped Dodgers lineup to hit in, his numbers should definitely rise in 2013.

A big thank-you goes out to our ‘Dodgers Correspondent’ Aaron Roberts for preparing today’s featured article.   Berts” as his friends call him, has been a True Blue believer since before he can remember. It hasn’t always been easy, but he’s stuck with the Dodgers through thick and thin and things are finally starting to look up! Cut him open and you’ll see that he bleeds blue. Growing up in the outskirts of Los Angeles, he now resides in Orange County. He attends as many Dodger Home games as he can and scoffs every time his girlfriend drags him to an Angel game (but secretly he enjoys it because any Baseball is better than no Baseball!) A passionate student of the game, he cherishes the legacies and traditions that are intrinsic to Baseball. his life goal is to visit all 30 ballparks and purchase a hat from each one. So far he’s checked 9 off his list with plans to conquer 6 more this upcoming season. Every Spring, he travels to the Arizona desert to catch a glimpse of the upcoming season and the stars that light up the diamond covered in dirt. You can find his rants and musings at and come be his twitter friend.

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  1. I agree that trading Ethier at this point in time is not a good idea, let’s have these three guys play together in the outfield for a while and everybody will see what a great trio we have

  2. I agree that Ethier is a better-than-average right fielder and a good hitter. However, you comment that, “I don’t care if Andre Ethier has a .010 average against lefties and a .700 against RHP. What I care about is that over 162 games, he has an all-inclusive average of .290.” What about situational hitting? Ethier’s weakness against left-handed pitching hamstrings the Dodgers when he comes up in an important at-bat against a lefty. Do you pinch-hit for him and take his glove out of the game? Leave him in and hope for the best? It’s not as cut and dried as his ending season average.

  3. I am a big Dodger fan here in the East,I believe it would be a big mistake to Trade Andre Ethier. He has a proven track record with the Dodgers. In my view, next to Matt Kemp he is the most valuable player on the Dodgers.I believe he is underrated by most fans – and also the Media.This is very unfair as doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Perhaps the reason for this is he plays under the radar while Matt Kemp gets most of the Press. Most fans and some Media like numbers so let me ask before we torch Andre, has anybody looked at his numbers while he has been a member of the Dodgers?If you haven’t – I suggest you need to do that.I might add there are many so called All Stars currently on the Dodger Roster. Most of them have had professional issues as well, some with Performance problems in the past. However we seem to forget this and give them a past however we look to see what faults Andre has and then we make them bigger than they are in reality.I might add that Andre reminds me of Paul O’Neil formerly of The Yankees. When he came to the NYY, there was all kinds of false stories about him and one of the most pressing one that was alleged that he couldn’t hit left handed pitching, therefore would never be more than a Platoon Player. This perception was totally wrong and Paul O’Neill was a vital member of the Yankees without who they never would have won all those World Series. With that all said I would like to state for the record that Aaron Roberts wrote a very fair article in regard to Andre. In addition, it’s my view that the Dodgers wont trade Andre and if they do it would be a big mistake.

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