What’s Wrong with Ricky Romero? Jays Hope Their Ace Can Return to Form

Thursday August 2nd, 2012

John Burns:  The 2012 season has been one to forget for Ricky Romero. Romero was the Blue Jays ace coming into this season after posting a 2.92 ERA in 2011. This year has been a complete disaster for Romero. The Jays lefty has a 5.68 ERA this season and has allowed 82 earned runs in 129.2 innings. Last year, Romero allowed 73 earned runs in 225 innings. It’s obvious that something is not right with Romero this year. Romero has also lost seven straight starts for Toronto. The second half has been even rougher for Romero. Since the All-Star break, he has 8.38 ERA.

It has reached a point where Toronto should seriously consider sending Romero to Triple-A. If he goes down to Triple-A or even AA and dominates, it could boost his confidence and give him that an extra edge he has been missing all season. This is not what Blue Jays fans want to hear with them still contending for a wild card. Surprisingly though, Ricky Romero leads the Blue Jays in wins with 8.  It also a possibility that Romero just had a freak year last season. Looking at his numbers Romero could very well be an overrated pitcher.  In 2009 Romero was 13-9 with 4.30 ERA, while in 2010 he was 14-9 with a respectable 3.73 ERA. Then came 2011 were Romero put everything together. He went 15-11 with a 2.92 ERA. Romero’s career numbers are decent but I would not consider it “ace” worthy; he is 50-37 with 3.96 ERA in his career. Those are respectable stats but again I would not consider him an ace. Not right now at least.

Romero definitely has the pitches to be an ace but just needs to be more consistent in his play. The Blue Jays still need to have faith in their left-handed pitcher. Romero is only 27 years of age so he still has a bright future in the bigs. The best thing that could happen for Romero and the Blue Jays would to send Ricky to a short stint in the minors this season so that he can work on his mechanics. Romero is literally throwing to many strikes this season and its making hitters start to lock in on him. At the end of the day I say Romero regains his 2011 form because he is too talented to keep pitching like this. He had a Cy-Young type year last season and you just don’t go from a Cy-Young caliber pitcher to someone with a high-five ERA. Look out for Blue Jays if they can get there old Romero back. Other top pitchers by the name of Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee also had to return to the minors in their careers. Both pitchers did not end up too badly. If Ricky Romero falls into the same category, the Jays would be thrilled.

 ***John Burns- MLB reports Intern:  I am a highschool junior, play 1st base and catcher. I am a diehard Phillies fan. I  was born in Philadelphia but now live in Virginia. I come from a huge baseball family and just love the game. My cousin was drafted by the New York Mets in the 2008 MLB draft. My favorite players are Shane Victorino, Carlos Ruiz, and Ryan Howard. I tweet all the time and you can follow me on twitter(@JohnBurns_MLB)***

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