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  1. I have to disagree with your thoughts on the jays logo. I am a big fan of the current design and when I saw the “new” logo I felt like I was being pandered too by Jays management, almost them saying “does this make you Canadians happy?” The added use of red, while patriotic, has no place on a jersey or hat of a team called “the Blue Jays” and the throwback logo just seems that they want all fans to think back to the early 90’s when we had some of the all time best teams, instead of what has come between then and now. I really like the current logo and think that the styles from the 70’s and 80’s should stay there.

  2. emineff (@emineff)

    If red has no place in the new “old” logo, what place does black and silver hav with the current one?

  3. Everytime I see the new Marlins logo I automatically think of Maroon 5. Am I the only one? I guess technically the Marlins are, to paraphrase a certain song, “on the move like Jagger, they’re on the move like Jagger, they’re on the mooooOOOOooove like Jagger.”

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