Moneyball the Movie: An Inside Look to Beane and Pitt

Friday, June 17, 2011

MLB reports:   In 2003, author Michael Lewis released one of the most famous baseball books of all time:  “Moneyball:  The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.”  After years of discussions and rumors, the baseball book of our generation is now coming to the big screen.  Not since Major League and Bull Durham has a baseball movie received this much buzz.  Brad Pitt, not Kevin Costner, will play the main character Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics.  The movie is set to be released on September 23, 2011 and we guarantee that MLB reports will be there opening night to prepare a review.  We may even catch this one early, as we are known to have a trick or two up our sleeve.

Before the movie is released, we will be reading the book again and posting a book review on the Reports in anticipation of the movie.  It has been a number of years since many of us have read “Moneyball” and a good refresher is in order.  It has been argued by many that Moneyball was a landmark book, as it changed the complexion of baseball in many ways.  Moneyball brought the use of statistical analysis to the forefront of baseball and created the statistics vs. scouting debate, which still continues till this day.  Billy Beane was hailed as a genius following the release of the book.  Aside from remaining the General Manager of the A’s, Beane is a highly sought-after public speaker and has grown to become a minority owner of the team as well.  One of the highest profile executives in baseball history, it is only fitting that actor Brad Pitt would be playing Billy Beane in the movie.

For all the years that it has taken to get this movie off the ground, there have been concerns that the final product may not be up to par with the level set by the book.  After watching the trailer, I have to admit that I am very excited to watch the movie in the theatre.  Even if you are not a fan of Billy Beane or the Oakland A’s, Moneyball the Movie appears to be a must see for all baseball fans that would like to catch a glimpse into the world behind the game.  We took a look at the current status of the A’s and its new manager last week on the Reports, which you can read by clicking here.  With the anticipation of the upcoming movie and the Athletics as a team sitting at the basement of its division, the team needed a change.  If nothing else, to turn around the fortunes of the ballclub and help build hype leading to the release of the movie.

There is no denying that we all love baseball movies.  Baseball fans, when not watching games in person or television, will often be found reading about baseball and watching baseball movies every chance they get.  There have been countless baseball movies over the years, including:  Major League, The Babe, Eight Men Out, Mr. Baseball, Mr. 3000, Field of Dreams, A league of Their Own, Rookie of the Year, etc.   The list goes on and on.  I have to admit that as a supporter of the game, in my opinion there is no such thing as a bad baseball movie, only some movies that are better than others.  Moneyball the Movie will be released in approximately three short months.  We can’t wait.  Until then, to get your appetite wet and satisfy some of your curiosity, we present the recently released trailer.  Watch it, enjoy it and let us know what you think.  Will you be at the theatre to watch Moneyball the Movie?  We hope to see everyone there.

Click “Moneyball” to watch the trailer for the most anticipated baseball movie in recent history.

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