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Opening Day Excitement! First Phone Entry

MLB reports:  Welcome to the start of several firsts today. Saturday March 19, 2011. MLB reports transforms into a daily baseball site- with new content posted every day. After much deliberation and thought, I decided that the demand for daily baseball news is high and I am happy to deliver. So welcome to the new universe, the “new” format of MLB reports.

Ultimately, the content will be based on what you, the readers, want to see. Based on our conversations on twitter, facebook and e-mail, the topics of interest continually emerge. If you really want to see a point of discussion, don’t be shy- let me know. I will do my best to bring the best and latest baseball news with discussion.

It is very exciting to be posting this entry on my blackberry. A little raw and fresh, but feels very real. Being so excited about opening day just up ahead, I couldn’t wait to shout it out. The blackberry is proving to be a fantastic outlet.

I see the opening day tickets in my drawer, all 8 of them. Lots of people coming out this year which will make the experience that much more fun. I will be going to the Jays opener on Friday April 1st against the Twins, the day after the first real day. Where will you be? What is your plans for one of the biggest baseball days? Whether in the ballpark live, at home in front of the television or listening on the radio, just be there. Opening day is the day when all fans unite to celebrate the greatest sport on the planet. Have fun and enjoy everyone. Less than 2 weeks away!

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