The Top 250 MLB Prospects For 2017

The Top 250 MLB Prospects For 2017

The explosion of youth is consuming the sport. We have seen it at the highest levels ever since Mike Trout was called up. The young players that took years to mature at the highest levels in previous years are now walking up to the plate and having all-star level contributions. It is an event that no longer only takes place in outlier situations, it is almost to be expected. It is happening all across the league multiple times a year and sometimes multiple times on the same team.

That same trend is starting to happen at the minor league level. I remember thinking about players in 2012, saying statements like “bare with the results they need to mature” or “the talent is there but it is too soon.” Now that talent is almost unilaterally matched with results on the field at much younger ages than I can remember happening in years prior.

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