10 Hilarious Twitter Reactions to Bobby Bonilla Still Getting Paid by the Mets

While most people in America are preparing to celebrate the nation’s birthday, Bobby Bonilla is busy enjoying his second Christmas.

The New York Mets — who are in the midst of an important home series against the Chicago Cubs — have more important things to worry about, but they’ll never be able to escape this inevitable story when the calendar flips to July 1. While the former outfielder last played for the Amazins in 1999 and finished his MLB playing career in 2001, he’s still on New York’s payroll…until 2035. Since 2011, he’s been getting annual installments of $1,193,248.20 every July 1.

But why? Darren Rovell of ESPN broke down exactly how this all happened. Do the Mets get roasted for this every year because they’re the only MLB team doing this? Nope, they’redefinitely not alone there. It still gets everyone laughing/frustrated/some kind of emotion and Bonilla ends up trending on Twitter once a year.

There have been some awesome reactions, but these 10 have made me laugh the most:



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