Its A Walk Year For Encarnacion + Bautista: Does This Mean Huge Campaigns?

Alex Anthopoulos extended both Joey Bats and EE after they broke out with career years. It was an awesome gamble and a lot of the success they had in 2015 - was based on that value. Add in bringing in Josh Donaldson at an MVP caliber for 3 more years, and you have a great value team.

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Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion are both free agents after this season. Will this fact translate into big years for the two?

Every Toronto Blue Jays fan knows that 2016 marks the end of both Jose Bautista an Edwin Encarnacion’s contracts. Both players set the start of the new season as their deadline to sign an extension. Neither one has signed a new contract with the Blue Jays.

If both Jose and Edwin stick to their words, it is likely that neither one will be a Toronto Blue Jay come 2017. Recognizing this fact, many sportswriters have been predicting that both sluggers will have monster seasons, if for no other fact than this is their “walk year” and a big season will translate into a big “payday”.

However, do players tend to have big years in the last year of their contract? In order to try and answer this question, I needed some comparisons to look at.




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