6 MLB Teams Facing The Most Pressure To Win In 2016

In 2012, the Nationals won the NL East and then followed up with a disappointing 2013 year. The same pattern happened in 2014 and 2015. The Nats window is closing as the club only has one more of team control on Stephen Strasburg - and the total salary for the club escalates with Bryce Harper being Arbitration Eligible starting next year. The team has solid Starting Pitching and a lineup that is coming back for the most part. A key acquisition for both the offense and defense may suffice.

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With Spring Training officially starting this week at MLB team complexes around Arizona and Florida, optimism for the upcoming season is high. However, optimism also brings expectations – both realistic and not so realistic.

Whether it’s fueled by last year’s performance or the moves made (or not made) this winter, the pressure to win is higher than normal for a handful of teams.

Here’s one team from each division that needs to see results once September rolls around.



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