WBC Qualifier 1: New Zealand no match for South Africa

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Today the World Basecall Qualifier 1 in Sydney took off. In the first game New Zealand hosted South Africa.

The final score was rather lopsided as the winner only walked away in the final inning.
The game was rather close until the ninth and the runs did not come cheap until then.

South Africa started to bring a runner to third base in the first inning, but failed to score when Brett Willemburg lined out to shortstop Scott Campbell for the final out.

In the second inning both teams did not come close to scoring.

South Africa started the third inning with a double play so they had only one out to work with. New Zealand starter Scott Cone was replaced in the top of the third inning already. Ben Cone took his place. That appeared to be a bad move as Ben Cone could not get out of the inning…

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