The Next ‘Core Four’ For The New York Yankees?

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Mariano Rivera. Derek Jeter.Andy Pettitte . Jorge Posada. These are the four members of the Yankees’ legendary Core Four.

The four members played several years together and all made their MLB debut in 1995.

They won five World Series championships together. Pettite was the first to retire in 2010. Posada retired a year later in 2011. Andy Pettitte came out of retirement and played for two more years before retiring alongside

Mariano Rivera in 2013. The Captain, Derek Jeter, followed suit in 2014, leaving the Yankees with no members of their legendary Core Four.

Since then, the Yankees have been saving money in free agency and instead opting to build their farm system.

And now it’s time for a new Yankees generation of the Core Four: 1B Greg Bird, SP Luis Severino, OF Aaron Judge, and SS Jorge Mateo.

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