An Open Letter To Commissioner Robert Manfred: Reinstate Pete!

Dear Commissioner Manfred,

I have been a fan of Major League Baseball ever since I laid eyes on Howard Johnson and the 1991 Mets. From that point on, I have followed the game of baseball with a passion. From countless games in person at Citi Field and Shea Stadium, to repeat watching of old games on YouTube and video cassette; I have followed the game with a passion and vigor. Baseball, to me, is a game rich with history and legacy.

That is why I am perturbed at the fact Pete Rose hasn’t been reinstated into MLB and can’t be on the Hall of Fame ballot.

Look, I understand the frustration. The man bet on baseball. In fact, the man bet on everything. He had a serious addiction. He went underneath the table and bet on his team to win. Yet, it wasn’t a 1919 World Series situation with “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and the Black Sox scandal.

He never manipulated a lineup for a loss. Mr. Rose NEVER bet against his team. If he purposely bet against the club he was managing and doctored results to his favor, then THAT’S an issue. However, that has never been proven, thus I believe it’s a bit over the top to STILL have a lifetime ban.

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