Potential World Record Of All 30 MLB Parks In 21 Or 22 Days – 2015 (Air + Ground Streak) is a website where some of the fans dedicated to going to baseball parks meet.  There are many members who have completed all current 30 MLB Parks in their travels. is a website where some of the fans dedicated to going to baseball parks meet. There are many members who have completed all current 30 MLB Parks in their travels.  Go to the site and join the movement.

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We covered the ground attack yesterday for an all 30 MLB Parks World Record Pursuit.  Now it is time to turn our attention to the schedule that would challenge the record chase of all 30 MLB Parks (done in 2012 by yours truly) in 23 days.

The odds are stacked favorably against anyone ever eclipsing this record.  Even with a perfect schedule, I am not sure I could accomplish the task.

In 2012, I knocked off 7 out of 10 Doubleheaders – and put forth the new mark.  None of the 3 misses were my fault from planning.  I had 3 plane delays ruin attempts, all had mechanical failures, and the worst one was the 2nd officer’s seat belt not coming down completely.  Lost an Atlanta/St. Louis double for that.

Realistically had the flights worked out, I may have set a 30-21 streak.  But I was lucky.  I had only one game of 30 even reach extra innings.  Also faced no weather challenges, despite it being opening month if the game.

In 2013 and 2014 I put out scenarios that could have challenged the record, but all would have ended up in flames with bad game times and even a rainout.

ballpark chasing

While I was putting together a 30 Parks ground trip for a fellow chaser in this upcoming campaign, I first noticed all of the day matinée’s with the commencement of the full Interleague schedule in Mid-June.  2 weeks ago, it looked bleak there would be enough doable doubleheaders to set an itinerary out to fathom chasing down the record.

Much like I explained in the ground opportunity, 3 doubleheaders aligned themselves in the 22 day window I had pegged. As of right this minute, a 30-22 streak chase is lined.  The potential for a 30-21 is also out there with a NY Yankees doubleheader with the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday night June 21st, 2015.

The ESPN Sunday night games are always vital in setting forth one of these missions.  An 8:05 PM EST for an Eastern Seaboard team gives you an extra hour to play.  Henceforth aligning up a Rogers Center/Yankee Stadium 2 fer in one day.  I have completed one of these such maneuvers in the last 2 streaks I have done.

This is where my Canadian Birth Certificate works to my advantage.  I have a NEXUS Pass in International flight airports North of the Border.  It is similar to FASTPASS in the States for those familiar with the kind of program,  Since I have been pre-screened and interviewed by both US and Canadian Customs, I qualify for the card, giving me a great bypass of the regular security.  Last time it took me 5 minutes to clear the gate for my pending flight to Toronto.

If this said Toronto and New York Twin Playbill goes ahead as planned, I would definitely consider chasing 30-23, with a 30-21 attempt.  I know I can make at least 7 out of 9 doubleheaders, and I may be lucky to hit another if I am lucky.

The doubles are as follows.

Petco Park 12:40/Angel Stadium 7:05 (Tuesday June.16, 2015).  93 miles separate the two parks, and I made a 12:35/5:35 Angel Stadium/Petco Park DH in 2012 before.  I know both venue’s extremely well.  This would be about an 88 – 90% chance to make it.  Weather should not play a factor.  Only a 4.5 hour plus game in San Diego would curb it. Coliseum 12:35/Dodger Stadium 7:15 (Thursday June.18, 2015).  At first glance you would think this is not possible, however there is a flight that leaves Oakland Airport at 5:15 that arrives in Burbank at 6:30.

The airlines also sandbag the gate times.  Oakland’s airport is just 10 minutes away from the park, and it being a smaller air traffic place than most airports in the USA, security clearances aren’t bad.

Burbank also has the smallness to it upon landing, and it is in a more strategic place to make Dodger Stadium within 45 minutes than LAX is.

I would probably hire a sedan service.  There is no way I would be able to park a car in that parking lot, and race by foot inside by 1st pitch.

I am giving this a probability of 66.7%.

Progressive Field 12:05/PNC Park 7:05 (Wednesday June 24th, 2015).  With only a 132 Mile commute from field to park, it is highly sought after for 2 games in one day.  The noon start time is awesome.  Like San Diego, a 4 hour plus game would hurt, but the chances are great for this one.  Hit Rate of 86 – 88%

Globe Life Park 1:05/Minute Maid Park 7:05. (Thursday June 25th, 2015).  I am 0/2 for TEX/HOU doubleheaders.  Both times I was delayed on a plane coming out of IAH airport, that should have landed at DFW at 6:30.  This time the venue’s have flipped for game time starts, and maybe my fortunes would too.  3rd time is a charm?

The key is to have a game under 3 hours at The Ballpark, and then drive the 30 minutes to DAL Love Airport for a 5:30 departure.  With a smaller airport at DAL, it is quicker to skip through the TSA experience.  I could even arrive there as late as 4:50 and still make takeoff.

If we landed at Houston Hobby Airport I would be massively confident I could arrive at Minute Maid in time for 1st pitch, with it being half the distance as George Bush Airport is to see the Astros play.

It is still a tough DH, and it always scares me when the 1st game I am banking on is an American League match.  Odds of 63 – 65% of nailing this one.

Great American Ballpark 12:35/Busch Stadum 7:15 (Wednesday July 1st)   A 354 mile drive (With gaining an hour from EST to CST) awaits you here.  You need the game to go 2:40 or less to have a shot in Cincy.  But I definitely say you could make up some time on the highway between these cities.  Wouild be nice if were  a Johnny Cueto vs Phil Hughes match for the early game (Reds host the Twins.)  Google trips calls for a 4 hour and 30 minute drive time (factoring in the time change).  I call it a 50% chance to hit this one  I would do the Cards game 1 day before the streak starts in order to have the game available as a retroactive affair.

Citi Field 1:10/ Citizens Bank Ballpark 6:35 (Thursday July 2nd)  A little weird why the Phillies aren’t playing at their usual 7:05 start, and that will hurt chances.  However there is an express train from NY Penn to PHL-30th Station leaving at 4:47 – arriving at the Amtrak station at 6:07.  should make it for 1st pitch with a hailed cab from there.  Mets just can’t play a game with extra innings.  Driving this stretch would be far too risky, however would have to orchestrate some sort of pick up outside of Citi to NYP, as that 7 train takes too long to arrive at NY Penn.

Gotta call this a 66.7% chance.

Wrigley Field 1:20/US Cellular Field (Friday July 3rd, 2015) It is not often 2 teams are both in the same city during one of these streaks like the New York teams, Los Angeles teams, San Fran/Oakland, Baltimore/Washington or lastly Chicago.  Out of the others, the Windy City double is the easiest to navigate.  You are one 25 minute Red Line L-Train away from making these two games.  You could have a 5 hour game in Wrigleyville and still make the opening hurl at the ‘Cel.  96% chance.

Nats Park – 11:05 AM/Turner Field 7:15 (Saturday July 4th, 2015) A new DH opportunity with the 4th of July special start time of 11:05 in DC.  There is a flight out of DC at just after 5, that arrives in ATL at 6:45.  Sounds alarming right?  The commute to Turner Field via cab is very fast at the airport,, and I have a guy that helped me out in 2009, and the cabbie is still kicking around,  He has an in with Turner Field security to remove barricades, and drive in to the gate.

Believe it or not I will give this a 85% chance to come in smooth.

That stretch of July 1st to July 4th would be 4 straight days of doubleheaders.

If that Toronto/New York DH is added, I am calling that an 75 – 80% chance.  The flight leaves the Toronto Airport at 545, arriving at LGA minutes after 7 PM.  Unless I get an idiot sedan guy, i should make traffic on a New York Sunday Night.

The rest of the games are singles and manageable.  The best part of this proposed schedule is the volume of driving able to be done based on the West Coast all being done at the same time.  There is no cross-country voyage’s after the 1st week.  It is cost-effective for a change, and would only translate to have me spend about $500 more than the ground trip would.  But definitely less physically taxing too.

I am going to let others decide this one for me. I fully expect that even if the New York ESPN Sunday Night Game goes my way, that I would probably just tie my own 2012 streak.  7 out of 9 Doubleheaders would fall in with my percentages of doing them in the past (19 – 25 in streakt attempts for a 76% conversion rate, and 7/9 is 77.7%.

In 2009, I did convert 6/7 DH chances, and that is kind of what I would be looking for in a 8/9 bid to beat the record.

I have had the greatest luck fall my way in the last 2 quests, so I think the land record would be the more ideal challenge.  For that to happen,  would be more reliant on others helping me.  I would need a constant flux of drivers to help me with the amount of driving requited.  I could do this one enough on my own.

During my 2008 pursuit of the World Record, I chased 41 parks in 33 days, falling short, but also piling on 15000 Miles for the trip.  The mix of driving and flying in this 2015 bid for the air record, would be hard, but it would be worth to save on cash money.

I have had others express interest in the land only pursuit, but not the air streak.  i will let that one play out first. No matter what happens, it will be a thrill ride for sure in any form of transportation.

Disregard my numbers besides the park.  This is a guide for me track the games at the park for the year I am attending, and the free rental car days needed is RC.  AM = free rental cars from Canadian Airmiles.   The game right before AT @ T Park would be Busch Stadium, just like the Ground only record.  Either attempt has that hard doubleheader maneuver. 

This is the 30/22 attempt, but I could move a few games around, accommodating the Toronto and New York Yankees doubleheader on Sunday June.21st, 2015

15-Jun SEA SF AT @ T Park 3 (RC 12)
16-Jun ARI SD 12:45 PETCO 4 (RC 13 -16)
16-Jun SEA LAA 7:05 ANGEL 6 (AM 3)
17-Jun SF SEA 7:10 SAFECO 1
18-Jun SD OAK 12:35 O.CO 1
18-Jun TEX LAD 7:10 DODGER 2 (RC 17)
19-Jun SD ARI 6:40 CHASE 12 (RC 18)
20-Jun MIL COL 2:10 COORS 5
21-Jun BOS KC 1:10 KAUFFMAN 4
23-Jun BAL BOS 7:10 FENWAY PARK 12
24-Jun CIN PIT 7:05 PNC PARK 6
25-Jun OAK TEX 1:05 GLOBE LIFE 4 (RC 19)
25-Jun NYY HOU 7:10 MINUTE 4 (RC 20)
26-Jun BOS TB 7:10 TROP 1 (AM 4)
27-Jun LAD MIA 4:10 MARLINS 2 (RC 21)
28-Jun CLE BAL 1:35 CAMDEN 2
30-Jun PIT DET 7:07 COMERICA 8
1-Jul MIN CIN 12:35 GABP 2
1-Jul CWS STL 7:15 BUSCH 4
2-Jul CHC NYM 1:10 CITI FIELD 14
2-Jul MIL PHI 6:35 CBP 8 (RC 22)
3-Jul MIA CHC 1:20 WRIGLEY 7
4-Jul SF WSH 11:00 NATS PARK 7
5-Jul TB NYY 1:05 YANKEE 12

The price for this whole fiasco would range from $5000 – $6000 depending on variables, but a few years ago, with a more scattered trek, it was more like double that.  With some of the perks and freebies I have accrued, and a little sponsorship, I may be able to cut the price point by 30 – 40%. 

The key is to not miss any games and set off a chain reaction of makeup games.  Although if 21 days is the goal, you are only allowed 2 misses – period. 

The 30 MLB Park tour by travel or air is one of the most adrenaline filled chases one can endure. It is like the Amazing Race, meets Survivor, against Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  But even if you just love to travel to a few games each year, or maybe can't get away from your town, but want to know when and where everyone is playing.  The MLB Reports has you covered for all 2430 games in 2014, the ALL - Star Events, and Post Season to come after that.

The 30 MLB Park tour by travel or air is one of the most adrenaline filled chases one can endure. It is like the Amazing Race, meets Survivor, against Planes, Trains and Automobiles. But even if you just love to travel to a few games each year, or maybe can’t get away from your town, but want to know when and where everyone is playing. The MLB Reports has you covered for all 2430 games in 2014, the ALL – Star Events, and Post Season to come after that.

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I played competitive baseball until 18 years old and had offers to play NCAA Division 1 University Baseball at Liberty University. Post-concussion symptoms from previous football and baseball head injuries forced me to retire by age 19. After two nearly made World Record Attempts in 2008, I set a New World Record by visiting all 30 MLB Parks (from 1st to last pitch) in only 24 Calendar Days in the summer 0f 2009. In April of 2012, I established yet another new GWR by visiting all 30 Parks in only 23 Calendar Days! You can see the full schedule at the page of the . In 2015, I watched 224 MLB Games, spanning all 30 MLB Parks in 183 Days. Read about that World Record Journey at

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