I Give The Captain More Accolades: Jeter To Play Last Game In The Bronx + Last Series In Boston

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I understand the “Jeter Fatigue” that has gone on all year, and half of me just wishes that he never mentioned that he was done after the 2014 campaign.  I just hate giving any ammunition to the ‘hater’s’, and definitely when I have agreed it was overkill at some points.  

But then I would have missed his brilliant series at Safeco Field, that was worth the price of admission, if I hadn’t known it was his last year.

While he has struggled for some of this season, he had hits in his 1st AB, all three games of that series I attended, and reached base 9 times in 3 straight Yankee wins, giving me yet more memories for my favorite current Pinstriper.

I was there in person for that, and bought my only t-shirt of the year from a street vendor afterwards.

While everyone is not a Yankees fan. and are growing tired of the talk, this is the greatest Yankees player in my years of watching the sport. So, because I have a forum to write about him, Damnit I will!!

Sure I had grown up on Don Mattingly  (the last captain of the team prior to #2).. Heck…he is still my favorite player of ALL – Time, but Jeter came into the mix about the same time I graduated from high school.

I am sure I can say this about a lot of “Bronx Bombers’ fans my age.  I wanted to be a New York Yankee while playing organized baseball.  It was my dream.

Derek Jeter has lived the life all of us would have wanted as a Yankee Stadium ‘hero’.

Derek Jeter is a 5 time World Series Winner, but also appeared in 7 Fall Classics, and 10 ALCS during his 18 full years.  The Yankees have not had a losing season since the Captain has arrived, and only missed the playoffs in 2008 and 2013 - 2014, although Jeter only partook in 17 Games during last campaign.

Derek Jeter is a 5 time World Series Winner, but also appeared in 7 Fall Classics, and 10 ALCS during his 18 full years. The Yankees have not had a losing season since the Captain has arrived, and only missed the playoffs in 2008 and 2013 – 2014, although Jeter only partook in 17 Games during last campaign.

For those that have not watched this man live at games, you have just missed one of the greatest baseball IQ’s of ALL – Time about to leave the blessed sport.

With his 2nd non meaningful game only of his career, being this evening, I hope the Captain rises to the occasion one more time.

I also hope he plays all weekend at Fenway Park, and I think he will.  #2 is all about consistency, and about playing your ass off while in uniform.

All of this talk about Jeter not being among the greatest players to have ever lived, must think the same thing about Pete Rose, and that also is so far from the truth, it is ridiculous!

This great role model, holds the most hits ever for an Infielder.  Yes.. I am going there, Jeter is #6 on the ALL – Time Hit List with 3461 base hits

3369 of his base knocks have come from the SS position, 90 came from the DH slot, and the 20 year veteran is credited with 2 pinch hits in his lifetime.

Pete Rose played 5 different positions in his career, and has 500+ Hits in 4 of them, which is a great achievement in its own right.

Ty Cobb was an Outfielder for his career.

Hank Aaron played First Base and Outfield, but saw over 3200 hits beyond the grass – as part of his 3771 hit brigade.

Stan Musial smacked 1051 of his 3630 hits as a 1B.

Tris Speaker, the only other player ahead of #2, was a CF too.

Honus Wagner, the only other player that could have had a higher hit total as an Infielder, spent 373 games in the Outfield, even though he is regarded as one of best (if not the best) Shortstops ever. This also knocks several hundred hits off his total.

Playing Infield takes a toll on your body, but for the most part (other than the 2012 ALCS), Jeter remained pretty clear of the injury bug. A consistent player, playing at a world class caliber for the majority of his games.

Also for 16 of his 18 full seasons, the man hit .291 or higher – with a lifetime mark of .309.  He only has really struggled since the end of 2012.

There was one other stretch of play from mid 2010 – mid 2011 – where Jeter was averaging less than of all career numbers, but once he hit his 3000th hit in July, 2011 – it sent him on another great stretch of play.

In 2012, cracking an AL leading 216 hits, and hitting .316 for his BA during his age 38 is quite remarkable.  The man took down a Silver Slugger and  a top 7 AL MVP finish for his efforts..

It is simply too bad that Jeter broke his ankle in the 2012 playoffs, as it cost him a year to pad more totals.

I fully appreciate that hecame back to man his 2014 position, and at age 40, and with the whole world watching his every move.

For the most part, he hit for a respectable mark of .270 or higher for his Batting Average, before his recent swoon had him under .250 this month.

Vintage Derek Jeter, posted 4 straight multi-hit games at Yankee Stadium, to start his last homestand right after that, and even clubbed his 1st HR at Yankee Stadium of the year.

I will not ever let anyone tell me he was not an ALL-Time Great.  To say so, means you did not watch him close enough!  So give your head a shake…

5 World Series in 7 Appearances, 3 more additional ALCS’s and oh yeah…The club never had a losing season in his time.

It will take a long time before you see a guy be a 5 time World Series Champion again on one team.

To put this into perspective, let’s take a look at the exclusive 3,000 Hit Club that Derek Jeter  joined in 2011 that has just 28 members.:  Who will be the next men to reach this list?









Pete Rose



May 5, 1978

Cincinnati Reds

Ty Cobb



August 19, 1921

Detroit Tigers

Hank Aaron



May 17, 1970

Atlanta Braves

Stan Musial



May 13, 1958

St. Louis Cardinals

Tris Speaker



May 17, 1925

Cleveland Indians

Derek Jeter  3,463  .309 July, 11, 2011 New York Yankees

 6th place ALL time for Jeter

Honus Wagner



June 9, 1914

Pittsburgh Pirates

Carl Yastrzemski

3419 .285 September 12, 1979 Boston Red Sox

Paul Molitor

3319 .306 September 16, 1996 Minnesota Twins

players 10 – 28

Eddie Collins 3,315


June 6, 1925

Chicago White Sox

Willie Mays



July 18, 1970

San Francisco Giants

Eddie Murray



June 30, 1995

Cleveland Indians

Nap Lajoie



September 27, 1914

Cleveland Naps

Cal Ripken, Jr.



April 15, 2000

Baltimore Orioles

George Brett



September 30, 1992

Kansas City Royals

Paul Waner



June 19, 1942

Boston Braves

Robin Yount



September 9, 1992

Milwaukee Brewers

Tony Gwynn



August 6, 1999

San Diego Padres

Dave Winfield



September 16, 1993

Minnesota Twins

Craig Biggio



June 28, 2007

Houston Astros

Rickey Henderson



October 7, 2001

San Diego Padres

Rod Carew



August 4, 1985

California Angels

Lou Brock



August 13, 1979

St. Louis Cardinals

Rafael Palmeiro



July 15, 2005

Baltimore Orioles

Cap Anson



July 18, 1897

Chicago Colts

Wade Boggs



August 7, 1999

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Al Kaline



September 24, 1974

Detroit Tigers

Roberto Clemente

3,000 .317

September 30, 1972

Pittsburgh Pirates




Derek Jeter is only the 28th player in MLB history to reach 3,000 hits.  An incredible feat indeed.

To put it further into perspective, every member of the 3,000 Hit Club is in the Baseball Hall of Fame, with the exception of Biggio (barely missed this last vote), Jeter (active), and Palmeiro/Rose (steroids, gambling).  With 3,000 hits, a player almost guarantees his entrance to the Hall.

With the exception of Rose and Palmeiro, every member of the 3,000 Hit Club has been a first ballot HOFer since 1962.

Jeter certainly deserves all the attention that he is receiving today.  Not only did he have a triumphant career, but he did it on baseball’s stage in the true style of a superstar.

Derek Jeter is leaving a legacy of greatness that would not be curtailed by the teams 1st back to back non-playoff years in his playing time. On behalf of all those who pursued a life in the MLB, thank you for  never taking a day for granted kind sir!  e.

Derek Jeter is leaving a legacy of greatness that will not be curtailed by the teams 1st back to back non-playoff years in his playing time. On behalf of all those who pursued a life in the MLB, thank you for never taking a day for granted kind sir.  Thank you for always keeping you head in the game, and for teaching all of your teammates to do the same.  It was a pleasure following your career, especially in the last few years, where I have seen you play on the road in about half of the parks.  It doesn’t matter where you are, the right method of consistency is exhibited.  Thanks for the professionalism.  And most of all as a diehard Yankees fan…Thanks for bringing all of those championships!!

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