Triple Play Podcast Ep #16: Sully (AKA Sully Baseball) Joins Us To Dissect The ALL – Star Game Format

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Monday, July.15, 2013

The Triple Play Show will have 5 shows per month.  Each show will be about 1 hour

The Triple Play Show will have 5 shows per month. Each show will be about 1 hour. Chuck Booth will guest once a month for MLB Power Rankings,

By The Big Ticket Show ( AKA Triple Play Podcast on

Guest in this Podcast -Paul Francis Sullivan “Please Call Him Sully”:

We had a big show planned for almost an hour worth of content, instead we did our best Paul Sullivan impersonation (and not very well), as he is the 20 minute master when it comes to a podcast. 

We would like to thank Sully very much for trying to hang in with us.  We had about a 14 minute chat with him.  There are still some great points that he made about the ALL – Star Game and the format for which it used to decipher home field advantage in the World Series, and it is definitely worth a listen.

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