Top Five Most Memorable Moments from the 2013 World Baseball Classic

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Monday, March.25  2013

The World Baseball Classic Ran from Mar.02 - Mar.19/2013

The World Baseball Classic Ran from Mar.02 – Mar.19/2013.

By Sam Evans (Baseball Writer): 

The 2013 World Baseball Classic was an amazing tournament that had its up’s and down’s; but for the most part, it provided a great opportunity to watch meaningful spring training games during the winter. Having watched almost every game, I can officially say that it exhausted me.

From cheering on the Americans to trying to pronounce all of the Japanese names, there was never a shortage of things going on at the 2013 WBC. There were a very few number of special moments that will stay with me until the 2016 WBC. Without further ado, here are my top five memories from the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

The Final 3 Outs of the World Baseball Classic:

Angel Pagan led Puerto Rico to the 2013 WBC Championship.

Angel Pagan led Puerto Rico to the 2013 WBC Championship.

5) Puerto Rico was overlooked for most of the tournament, especially considering they made it all the way to the championship. Led by Angel Pagan and Carlos Beltran, the Puerto Ricans seemed to have successfully revived baseball fans in Puerto Rico.

Beltran put it best when he told, “You don’t know how much this means…Through sport, we were able to unify a country.” The Puerto Rican team’s championship run at the 2013 World Baseball Classic will be a hard memory to forget.  

4) The game between Japan and Chinese Taipei in the second round was probably the most exciting game all tournament. In the 8th inning, with Chinese Taipei holding a 2-0 lead, Hayato Sakamoto of Japan tied the game up with an RBI single.

Then, in the bottom of the 8th, Szu-Chi Chou of Chinese Taipei drove in a run to give them a 3-2 lead. With two outs in the ninth, Japan got another run to send the game into extras. Finally, Sho Nakata of Japan drove in the game-winning run in the 10th with a sacrifice fly. Even though this was a somewhat disappointing year for Japan, at least they will be able to look back on this great game. 

3) The fight between Canada and Mexico was everything one wants in a baseball brawl. Nobody got seriously injured, and both teams made up after the game, which made it okay for baseball fans to take in a little roughhousing on the diamond.

From John Axford standing on the outside harmlessly jumping around, to Eduardo Arredondo of Mexico wrestling Jay Johnson to the ground, this was a fight to remember. Although it wasn’t very beautiful, the Canada/Mexico brawl definitely deserves its place as the third most memorable moment of the 2013 WBC.

2) The fighting Dutch never backed down in the 2013 WBC. With a variety of top prospects playing along side former All-Star’s, the Netherlands shocked the world by making it to the Championship Round. This was even more impressive considering that in the previous two WBC’s, the Dutch failed to make it past the second round.

Never in my lifetime would I expect to see Jonathan Schoop playing next to Andruw Jones. This year’s Netherlands team not only provided moments like that, but the team’s young players showed great poise by making it to the Championship Round.

 1) The Dominican Republic’s championship was easily the most unforgettable part of the 2013 World Baseball Classic. It marked the first time a team from Latin America won the tournament. Somehow, the Dominicans won all eight games they played at the WBC.

Some may call it lucky, but Fernando Rodney told USA Today that he thinks otherwise, “We proved we are the best baseball country in the world.” Rodney, who saved 7 of the 8 games, might have found a potential marketing resource by introducing the rest of the world to the “rally plantain”.

Whether it was because of the magical rally plantain or the talent of players like Hanley Ramirez, Robinson Cano, and Edwin Encarnacion, the Dominican Republic left little doubt that they were the deserving champions of the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

The Dominican Republic won the final game of the 2013 3 - 0 over Puerto Rico and put together the 1st undefeated tournament at the WBC.

The Dominican Republic won the final game of the 2013 3 – 0 over Puerto Rico and put together the 1st undefeated tournament at the WBC.

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