MLBR ‘Junior Reporter’ Haley Smilow Interviews Cody Ross In Spring Training

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Wednesday Mar.13, 2013


Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner):

Haley Smilow was a busy reporter last year.  So much so, that we couldn’t keep up with her to post them in time.  In her latest interview from last Spring Training last year –  Haley talked to Cody Ross (of the Boston Red Sox then)… about his favorite Ball Parks to play in, who he doesn’t like to face, what he does for pre and post game rituals and what he does on the road. 

Haley pulls no punches in asking the Outfielder about his life in this candid interview.  Amongst other topics discussed were:  What Ross does for charity work, what his favorite animal is…. Also who is the biggest practical joker in the MLB…and much much more..

Cody Ross – Mature Lyrics so Parental Guidance is advised Highlights 2012:


HALEY:  Do you have a favorite ballpark and why?  And is there a ballpark where you feel you always play well in?

CODY:  Actually Fenway is a very exciting park with the most history.  It is an exciting place to come to work every day.  I really like Citizens Park in Philadelphia because it is such a great atmosphere.


HALEY:  Where did you grow up?  

CODY:  I was born in New Mexico and moved to Dallas.  I went back to New Mexico for high school and now I live in Arizona.

HALEY:  Have you ever played any other position? 

CODY:  When I was younger in little league I played catcher and shortstop, which is kind of weird because I am a lefty.  I was a pitcher in high school.

HALEY:  Who is the biggest practical joker you have ever been on a team with? Have you ever been the victim of one of his practical jokes?

CODY:  Aubrey Huff in San Francisco is the biggest practical joker.  I have been a victim a few times, but don’t really remember the pranks.  You always needed to be on your toes or else he would get you.

HALEY:  Do you have any superstitions or rituals? 

CODY:  I don’t consider myself especially superstitious but then I will catch myself doing crazy things like if I get a hit or homerun and I am chewing a piece of gum, I’ll keep the same piece but if I get an out, then I’ll spit it out and get a new piece.

HALEY:  Do you have any pets, and what is your favorite animal? 

CODY:  I have two teacup yorkies named Bella and Bentley.  It’s kind of crazy but I really like bulls. (After doing some research I discovered that his father was a bull rider.)

HALEY:  What is your favorite thing to cook?

CODY:  Anything Mexican.  I really like Mexican food.

HALEY:  At what age did you start playing baseball?  

CODY:  I started playing when I was four years old.  My son who is five plays on a league and he loves it.

HALEY:  Who was your favorite team growing up?  Who where some of the players that you looked up to as a kid? 

CODY:  Growing up in Texas, my favorite team was the Texas Rangers.  I looked up to Nolan Ryan and Ken Griffey Jr.

HALEY:  What do you do before a game when you are traveling?

CODY:  All three!!  Eat, sleep and shop.

HALEY:  Do you have any other favorite sports besides Baseball? 

CODY:  Hockey and Rodeo.  My favorite hockey team is the Bruins.

HALEY:  What did you do this year during the off season? 

CODY:  I love to play golf and enjoy spending time with my family and relaxing.


HALEY:  What types of community service or charity work are you involved in? 

CODY:  I enjoy spending time with kids and really enjoy working with them at baseball camps.

HALEY:  If you were not playing baseball, what else could you see yourself doing? 

CODY:  That’s a good question!!  I would probably have been a lawyer, which would be hard because you need to be very smart.  (I’m not saying that I’m not smart!!)

HALEY:  What was your favorite school subject? 

CODY:  I really enjoyed math because it came easy and I was good at it.

HALEY:  Favorite Ballpark food? 

CODY:  Um, I guess I would have to say hotdog.  The best hotdog would have to be the dodger dog!!

HALEY:  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream. 

CODY:  I really like chocolate with all that stuff in it like caramel and peanut butter.

HALEY:  Do you have a favorite kids book? 

CODY:  I always read “Goodnight Moon” to my kids at bedtime.

HALEY:  What advice would you give to young players? 

CODY:  The number one piece of advise is to go out and enjoy yourself when playing the game because if it’s not fun then don’t do it.


 A big thank-you goes out to Our ‘Junior Reporter’ Haley Smilow for asking great questions into this interview and representing the MLB Reports.

*** The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of or their partners.***

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