MLB Reports Junior Reporter Haley Smilow Interviews Joel Hanrahan

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Saturday January 5th, 2013

a    joel hanrahan

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner):

Haley Smilow was a busy reporter last year.  So much so, that we couldn’t keep up with her.  In her latest interview from last summer, Haley talked to Joel Hanrahan (of the Pirates back then) about his favorite Ball Parks to Play in, who he doesn’t like to face, what he does for pre and post game rituals, what he likes to cook, what he does on the road.  Haley pulls no punches in asking the Relief Pitcher about his life in this candid interview.  Amongst other topics discussed were:  What Hanrahan does for charity work, what his favorite animal is…etc

haley smilow

As Joel has since been traded to the Boston Red Sox, it leaves you with that the city of Pittsburgh is truly going to miss this great baseball player and even better human being.  He could not have been any nicer to our Junior Reporter throughout the duration of the interview.  I wish more baseball players in the Major Leagues exemplified what this guy is all about.  So sit back and listen to out feature interview presentation.

The Haley Smilow/Joel Hanrahan Official Interview Video from last Summer:

Next week, Haley returns with an interview with Blue Jays Closer Casey Janssen.

Haley will also be doing feature interviews for us all in the upcoming year.  After you watch the video, please check out her past interview archives listed below.

joel hanrahan

A big thank-you goes out to Our ‘Junior Reporter’ Haley Smilow for asking great questions.  Also to all of the people who made this Video possible /Cut 4, A Special Thank-You to Joel Hanrahan  The Pittsburgh Pirates , Jim Trdinich, Dan Hart, Arturo Pardavilla III, Andrew Harts and -Chingas- Death Is Waiting Studios.

*** The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of or their partners.***

a haley smilow and joel hanrahan

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  1. Very good interview..I have always been a fan of Hanrahan…Boston has a very good pitcher now. Thanks Haley.

  2. Once again Haily shows that she has a future in this business! She is destined for greatness!

  3. ESPN anchor in the making. I’d like to see her between Steven A. and Skip. Set that up Dad! Great job Haley!

  4. Great Interview Haley, Keep Up The Good Work in 2013 !!!. I look forward to reading more of your interviews.

  5. eddy castellanos

    Great job haley handles herself great with pro’s she needs to interview the Florida Battalion one of the top 11 year old baseball teams in the country!

  6. Fantastic job Haley!!! ESPN better start taking notice!


  7. Top notch Haley! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings your way. Keep up the hard work and keep these amazing interviews coming!

  8. awesome job haley! cant wait for more in 2013!!


  10. Good job Haley….. ESPN bound proud of you

  11. Great job Haley Keep it up God bless!!!

  12. Wonderful interview!!!

  13. Really cool what Haley is doing. I enjoy seeing all of these new videos and look forward to seeing more.

  14. Cant wait to see her on ESPN…Great Interview..She on her way..

  15. Way to go Haley! Your ready for the Big time!!!

  16. Great interview!!! Your On your way!!!!! Flynate

  17. Great interview by young Haley Smilow. Enjoyed it.

  18. Great job, Haley! I love hearing questions from kids your age. It always brings out another side of a player’s personality that you don’t get with adult reporters. The questions are always fun too!

  19. Great job Haley.. never give up and keep reaching for the stars. God given it

  20. Great interview, she needs to be on “Baseball Tonight,” Nomar’s a hack.

  21. Great Job Haley!! Amazing work!!

  22. Doing Big Thingz Lil Smilow, Looks like alot of fun !
    Much Love To The Whole Famili

  23. great interview as always , Cant wait to have Joell in Boston. GO RED SOX!!!!

  24. Haley’s a natural. Get this kid some shades,cause her future is bright!!!

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