John Schuerholz Should Be in the Hall of Fame

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Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

John Schuerholz

Sam Evans (Baseball Writer): 

It’s amazing that both Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson, two of the greatest two-sport athletes of all-time, were both drafted by the same MLB General Manager. John Schuerholz, now the Team President of the Atlanta Braves, drafted Jackson, Sanders, Adam Wainwright, Jason Heyward, Jermaine Dye, and numerous other superstars during his time as General Manager of the Royals and the Braves. Schuerholz is a legend around baseball front offices. Teams he has controlled as General Manager have won their division fifteen times. John Schuerholz has left his legacy in the game of baseball. Schuerholz deserves to be recognized for his career by an induction to the Hall of Fame.

John Schuerholz was born in 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Towson University, the same school that produced Chris Nabholz. Today, the Towson baseball field is named after Schuerholz. Schuerholz got his start in professional baseball as a Minor League executive for the Baltimore Orioles in 1967. After another year with Baltimore, Schuerholz moved onto Kansas City, where he would spend the next twenty-two years of his career.

After a few years a lower level Royals assistant, Schuerholz was promoted to farm director in 1976. For the next three years after that, Schuerholz became the Royals scouting director. In 1981, Schuerholz was named the Royals assistant General Manager and he took over as GM the year after that. John Schuerholz’s rise through the Royals system must have been a grind. He worked himself from the bottom of the food chain to the top without any playing history in professional baseball.

As the Royals General Manager from 1982 to 1990, Schuerholz led them to five winning seasons and one World Championship, in 1985. Schuerholz helped to draft Tom Gordon, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and Kevin Appier. Since Schuerholz left in 1990, the Royals have only had three winning seasons. Not to mention, two of them came within three years of his departure, with rosters that he assembled for the most part. Schuerholz should be remembered for bringing the city of Kansas City the best Royals’ teams ever assembled.


Before John Schuerholz came to Atlanta, the Braves started to build a tradition of losing. After five straight seasons of finishing in the bottom third of the N.L. East, Atlanta baseball fans were desperate for a change. With John Schuerholz at General Manager at Bobby Cox at Manager, Atlanta started to turn things around. Schuerholz deserves credit for signing Greg Maddux and bringing Brian McCann, Marcus Giles, and others to Atlanta. In Schuerholz’s seventeen seasons with the Braves, all of which were with Bobby Cox, the Braves had a winning record in fourteen of them.

As of right now, Schuerholz is the winningest General Manager in MLB history. He made his mistakes like any other GM (trading away Elvis Andrus and Neftali Felix was one of his worst), but overall, Schuerholz proved just how much of an effect a General Manager could have on his team’s success. Chipper Jones was once quoted saying, “John Schuerholz is an unbelievable judge of talent. It almost seems like he has a crystal ball.” John Schuerholz was one of the smartest General Managers and he should be in Cooperstown for that alone.

Courtesy of AJC

Courtesy of AJC

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