Cade Kreuter Interview: Padres Prospect Returns To The MLB Reports!

Monday December 3rd, 2012

Jonathan Hacohen ( Lead Baseball Columnist): 

Last February we introduced you to Cade Kreuter.  As part of the interview, we learned all about the “Crocodile Hunter.” A third generation baseball prospect and a member of the Miami Hurricanes, Cade was getting ready to make his own mark on the game. 

Now a member of the San Diego Padres organization, Cade has a bright road ahead. We talked about many facets of his career. From joining the Padres, to playing multiple positions, his offseason in the Dominican and much more. Being around the game his whole life, Cade knows what he needs to do to succeed. 2013 will be his first full season in professional baseball. At 21 years of age, he has his whole career ahead of him. We will be certainly be watching his progress with great anticipation!

Today on MLB reports, we bring you our interview with Padres’ prospect and 3rd generation player, Cade Kreuter: 

MLBR:  Congrats on joining the Padres!  What was the process like joining them?

CK:  Well, as you may know, I missed my entire junior season at The U this past year due to a broken left foot caused by a foul ball I hit off of it in practice the day before our season opener. I was misdiagnosed with a deep bone bruise for the first month of my injury so that was a setback right there for me. I went understandably undrafted after my junior season, after really only playing almost 1 full season out of 3 years in college. But, I felt it was still time for me to move up and play pro ball. I knew another season at The U was not what was best for me. I was contacted by the Padres and they asked me if I was interested in doing a workout and possibly signing as a free agent. I jumped at the opportunity and made the most of it. Later that week I signed and headed to Peoria, Az for the rookie ball season!

MLBR:    I see that you are listed as a first baseman.  Who chose the position- you or the team?  Where do the Padres see you playing long-term?

CK:  I signed as a utility player and when I showed up to rookie ball, first base was best for me to play at the time. I still practiced at third base and in the outfield every day. Played Most of my games at first and a couple at third. I believe the Padres do see me as a strong defensive utility player and that I could make a career out of that. But I make the plays at first and that is a big plus especially when you throw my size in to play. So I do also think first base is a high possibility in the long run. But who knows?

MLBR:  How many teams showed interest in you?  Was it an easy decision to sign with San Diego?

CK:  It was just the Padres. It was soon after the draft they contacted me and the rest was a wrap!

MLBR:  Tell us about your full season in pro ball.  Was it different from what you expected?

CK:  It was everything I had dreamed of and been waiting for my entire life! Great coaching, talented players, and finally no school! Just baseball!

MLBR:  What were the biggest things you learned this year?

CK:  Hitting wise re-learned just some simple things that are really overlooked when you get to the college level. Like using your legs or staying inside the ball and creating proper backspin, learning how to pull the ball the correct way. Another thing is not just knowing the situational side of the game but actually understanding why we do certain things, instead of just doing it because your coach told you to.

MLBR:  What are some of your goals going into 2013?

CK:  Signing as a free agent is not the easy route. So I need to work extra hard and open some eyes when I get my opportunity to make a team when the season starts instead of staying in extended the entire time. That is my goal for 2013.

MLBR:  Tell us about your offseason plans. What is your winter going to be like?

CK:  Well I arrived earlier in the fall in the Dominican Republic to get extra work down here at the Padres complex, a beautiful complex in paradise. I am here until early December, so this is the most important thing this offseason is working hard out here in the Dominican instructional league. Other than that, the basic stuff, lifting, running, hitting And throwing.

MLBR:  Do you know at this point where you are likely going to start the year next season?

CK:  I have not been told anything about that. So I’m going into spring training with a positive mindset and good work ethic.

MLBR:  Did you keep in touch much with your dad when you played this season? What is the best advice he gave you?

CK:  Yes I talked to both my dad and mom and also my brother every day. They would just tell me to play hard and do the best I can when I got in there. The staff with the Padres is so great that my parents don’t ever have to give much advice.

MLBR:  Best friends you made in rookie ball?

CK:  I made an entire new team of best friends out there in Arizona. But my closest buddies there are Drew Harrelson, Walker Lockett, Christian Miller, Jalen Goree, Corey Bostjancic… I could name them all honesty. We had such a good time there and we all became very close.

MLBR:  Any pranks pulled on you after you joined the team?

CK:  Nothing that serious. We all would joke around with each other but no serious pranks were ever pulled.

MLBR:  Final Question:  What do you need to do in order to make it to San Diego one day?

CK:  I believe that my hitting will be the key to the big leagues. Put together good power numbers and move up in the organization. I need to continue to stay strong on defense and always improve on that. But really I think it is how I mature mentally as a player and at the plate, and never become uncoachable.


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