Interview with Arizona Diamondbacks Outfield Prospect Marc Krauss

Friday July 27th, 2012

Codey Harrison: Arizona Diamondbacks AA outfielder Marc Krauss joined us recently to talk some baseball. Krauss was Arizona’s second round pick of the 2009 first year player draft from the University of Ohio. Since being drafted, Krauss has played at various minor league levels: Low A South Bend, High-A Visalia, and 2 seasons at AA Mobile. For the last 3 seasons, Krauss has been ranked as one of the Diamondbacks top prospects by most baseball analysts. Marc Krauss is a corner outfielder/ first baseman, who brings big time power, as well as very good plate discipline to the plate. In 2012 with the AA BayBears, Krauss is posting solid offensive numbers: .289/.420/.521, 15 HRs, 61 RBIs.

Get to know baseball prospect Marc Krauss, as we proudly feature our interview with the rising star in the Arizona Diamondbacks system:

Codey – With some pro athletes you hear about them being multiple sport stars in high school, did you play any other sports in high school? If so how do you feel that they helped you with baseball?

Marc Krauss – “Yes I played football and basketball in high school along with baseball, so I was pretty busy in high school. I loved it though, being able to compete in all the sports. I grew up in a small town and there were not enough athletes to really specialize in one or two sports, so everyone pretty much played something year round. I definitely think it made me a better baseball player because it kept me active and I became a better overall athlete. And also when you’re in tough situations in any sport and can learn how to handle success or failure and pressure, it only benefits you in the other sports.”

Codey – Marc, you were drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the second round of the 2009 draft. What was that experience like?

Marc Krauss – “Getting drafted was a real dream come true for my family and I. Just like pretty much every other kid I am sure I dreamed of being a pro athlete and when I was drafted, I was given an opportunity to do that. And to have the D-Backs draft me was perfect. They are a great organization to be a part of so I am very thankful that they chose me back in 2009.”

Codey – You became first player in University of Ohio history to win MAC Player of the Year in the 2009 season. So how did that great collegiate season affect your expectations as far as how high you thought you would be drafted… if at all?

Marc Krauss – “I never really tried to get too caught up in the possibility of being drafted during that season at Ohio University. I knew if I did worry it might backfire and I could try to do too much, so I didn’t want to think about the future. I just tried to do the best I could for my teammates and I ended up having a great season. It was a lot of fun playing with all those guys and we had a good team, so that season and the accolades I received after that are great memories for me.”

Codey – The Arizona Diamondbacks farm system’s is one of the best in all of baseball and your one of the Dbacks top prospects. What has it been like playing with guys who have gone on to make it to the majors? Guys like Paul Goldschmidt, Trevor Bauer, and A.J. Pollock.

Marc Krauss – “We have had a lot of good players in our farm system that have made the jump to big leagues and I know plenty more ready to do the same. It’s really been a great experience playing with so many great players, and I am definitely trying hard to get where they are.”

Codey – Speaking of Paul Goldschmidt, you played two full seasons with him at A+ Visalia, and AA Mobile. Both of you have amazing power! Would you guys try to one-up the other one in batting practice by hitting monstrous home runs?

Marc Krauss – “I have been asked that question before and it’s funny to me because everyone imagines Paul crushing ball after ball out of the park in batting practice. But after taking BP so often with him he doesn’t try to hit the ball out at all. He actually does a great job of hitting line drives all over the field. He is so big and strong that he doesn’t need to try to ever hit a home run, it is just going to happen. And I try to take that same approach in batting practice. We always joked to save our home runs for when the counted.”

Codey – In 2011 you were a part of the AA Mobile BayBears team that won the Southern League title. What was it like to experience that with your teammates?

Marc Krauss – “That team we had last year in Mobile was the best team I have ever played on. We had a lot of talent on that team for sure but we also had great team chemistry. So it was a great summer and awesome to win that championship and end the season on top. In my opinion there were a lot of big league players on that team, so it will be fun to watch everyone’s progress towards that main goal.”

Codey – That wraps up our interview with Marc Krauss. I would like to thank him for joining us for today’s baseball Q & A. You can follow Marc Krauss on Twitter @MarcKrauss25

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