“Just A Minor Perspective: Through the Eyes of a Minor League Rookie” – By Eric Pettis: Guest MLB Blog

Saturday June 30th, 2012


MLB reports:  We are very fortunate today to have Phillies minor league pitcher and published author, Eric Pettis, join us today on MLB reports.  The 24-year old Pettis has already accomplished much in his young career.  After getting drafted in the 35th round of the 2010 draft, Eric played for 3 minor league teams between the 2010 and 2011 seasons. A career 2.84 over 47 games shows that this kid has skills. To top it off, he is a writer as well! Eric published in spring training his book, titled “Just A Minor Perspective.” In it, Eric describes the game through his eyes. What it is like to be a minor league rookie. But Eric did not wait until the tail-end of his career to tell the story. Eric jumped right in, while he is still plugging away in the trenches. 

Eric joined us for a Guest MLB Blog that he prepared. In it you will learn about who Eric is and the published work that he wrote. A bright young man with a great future ahead of him, we were absolutely thrilled to be able to bring you a sneak peek into a published baseball book through the eyes of its author. Not to worry, the MLB reports Book Review is coming. First you will hear from the author himself, and from there read our take on the book. There are also many ways that you can Eric directly. This man is a social media machine! There is the blog ( to start off. Eric is also very active on Twitter (@EricPettis) and on Facebook ( Drop him a line, ask your questions…and be sure to tell Eric that MLB reports sent ya!

But before we get to Eric’s Guest Blog, here is what Amazon had to say about “Just A Minor Perspective”: 

Book Description

Publication Date: March 25, 2012

The minor leagues are largely misunderstood, more well-known for the players who have skipped through their ranks than the ones who reside in them. They’re a mysterious land of hotels, bus rides, and clubhouses. Upon being drafted out of UC Irvine by the Phillies, right-handed pitcher Eric Pettis didn’t quite know what he was getting himself into. Just A Minor Perspective allows readers to jump into Eric’s mind and experience the journey along with him. The narrative resembles stream-of-consciousness as he describes the good, the bad, and the ugly of the minor leagues as it hits him square in the face for the first time.From his first day in Philadelphia…

“I tried to open the door in a manner that would exude confidence in the off-chance that my new teammate was an expert on body language and would be analyzing my entry.”

To the heat of the battle…

“As I hopped over the foul line I could feel my body try to rev itself up. It was pleading with me to get something going. It knew how significant this was… As hard as my body tried, it couldn’t muster anything. I tried again and again to turn the key, but my engine just wouldn’t start.”

Eric gives an honest, pointed, and often humorous account of what he feels when he’s feeling it. Just A Minor Perspective is a gripping story of one man’s attempt to find his place in a new world; a scramble to conquer the first rung of the professional baseball ladder.

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Now that you have a better idea on what “Just A Minor Perspective” is about, we present to you the author, Eric Pettis. Get to know the book through the author himself:

Eric Pettis:  “First off, I really want to thank for giving me this forum to talk directly to the fans. Since my books launch I have done quite a few Q and A sessions with various outlets, but have yet to be able to talk directly to those who are most important. So thank you and more importantly, thank you fans…

I’m not really sure how most books come about, but I know I never intended to write one. Like most people I have opinions and like to share them now and again, but never would I have imagined that what I had to say would warrant public consumption. However, soon after I embarked on my journey into the world of professional baseball, I realized that I was experiencing something unique.

Being a part of the baseball community for my whole life I really thought I knew what to expect transitioning from amateur to professional baseball. Boy was I wrong. Within the first week as a member of the Phillies organization I was tugged in a thousand different directions. I thought perhaps it would slow down as I got adjusted to my new surroundings, but the minor leagues are unforgiving and never cease to present new challenges.

Luckily, my blog offered me a way to decompress. Everyone needs something off of the field to help ease their mind. Some guys play video games, or watch movies, or read books, or go shopping. But for me, the absolute best way to separate myself from stressors of the job was to write about it. My blog was a canvas that allowed me to spill my guts. Get out what was bothering me, or what was going well, or my hopes and dreams, and move on. You can’t be successful in professional sports unless you stay in the moment and my nightly writing sessions allowed me to flush the past and stay present no matter the circumstances.

Last offseason, a couple of years into both my professional baseball and blogging careers, I decided to turn my blog into a book. Sure my blog had done a good job of sharing bits and pieces of the big picture, but I still thought there was more to be said. The major events are one thing, but everything in between is what the minor league experience is all about. The “filler” is what makes it unique. And I knew that my once in a lifetime experience could only be done justice in a full-fledged book. 

After a lot of hard work and a couple of rounds of rewrites, “Just A Minor Perspective” was out for the world to see in late March of this year. 

The real deciding factor for me to write this book was the opportunity to reach the masses. Baseball is America’s game and the big leagues are as much a part of our nation as apple pie. But despite our fondness, little is known about those who aspire to one day become the household names. The minor leagues are known only for the existence. The who, what, where, how, and why is not in our collective consciousness. Even someone like me, who had been living the game my whole life, knew nothing until I experienced it first hand. “Just A Minor Perspective” offers that same first-hand feel to anyone who reads it. Ever wonder what your favorite player had to go through to make it to the show? Do you aspire to play professionally one day? Or do you just want to learn more about the game? I hope that “Just A Minor Perspective” satisfies all angles of curiosity about the game that we all love.

Having the book out has been really humbling. The feedback I have received has been tremendous and I thank each and every one that has taken the time to read it. I didn’t know what to expect once it went out on the market and so far the response has been overwhelming. The one thing that I want to stress to anyone who reads the book is that I don’t want “Just A Minor Perspective” to be the end of a discussion: I hope it opens a larger narrative about the minor leagues and baseball in general. Take it as a case study. Evidence that should spawn new questions, rather than answering old ones. And please feel free to ask me question and give me your feedback, I love to hear for you guys. Whether it be on twitter (@eric_pettis) or my facebook book page ( it’s always a pleasure to hear what you have to say, so don’t be afraid to drop a line.

Thanks and happy reading,


Be sure to show your love and support of baseball by not only playing and watching baseball, but by reading baseball books as well. Young authors like Eric Pettis need your support to keep projects like “Just A Min0r Perspective” growing and thriving. For a young man who is just learning the ropes and adjusting to life in minor league baseball, it is a huge undertaking to put together a book like this one. But he did it and the game of baseball is better off for it! Thank you again to Eric Pettis for his time and effort in joining us for today’s Guest MLB Blog. We wish you the best of luck Eric with Just A Minor Perspective. It will be a treat for the fans to truly see the game of baseball through your eyes.

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