Baseball and Music are Synonymous with Our Timeline

Sunday May 6, 2012

The NY Mets Tribute to the Recent Passing of MCA from The Beastie Boys

Lori Martini(Baseball Writer and @lorimartini on Twitter)– We don’t always remember exactly when certain events have happened in our lives and at what ages, but baseball and music gives us a pretty good reference and timeline as to when certain occurrences took place.  It’s no wonder music plays such an integral part in baseball and throughout sports.  Being a songwriter myself and having been honored that Justin Turner chose my song “Believe” as his walk-up song all last summer, I can only hope some day more players will walk up to more songs that I continue to write.  I remember Derek Bell walked up to “Big Pimpin’” by Jay-Z.  I can automatically tell you that the song was released in 2000 and that is when Bell played for the Mets.  In fact, I’m such a huge Mets fan that I don’t even have to look at the scoreboard or the plate- I’ll instantly know which player is up to bat or who came in for a pitching change just based on their music choice.

When I started my ballpark chasing in 2000, I followed the Mets to most of the stadiums.  I would meet new friends on the road including one of my best friends, Gabriel Lee who not only shares the same birthday (month/day AND year), but he also has a passion for music and manages a band called Ceasefire in LA.  I met Gabriel through Rachel (Roa) Apodaca who inadvertently met my friend Indira who I’ve know from Midwood High School and is a fellow lunatic Mets fan like myself in a baseball chat room.  I’d go to games with friends and start singing the Mets walk-up songs when they were on the road.  I had Rachel and her sister Kristen involved in the whole ordeal when my team was playing against theirs!  Gabriel also had a friend, Ted who joined us at Mets vs. Dodger games in LA.  Being that I was older I quickly noticed that Ted liked Rachel and I told her that.  She didn’t believe me at first, but shortly after they started dating and now they’re married and have a daughter Brianna who is now as big a fan as us (and has a HUGE crush on Matt Kemp….ssshhh).  Brianna met him so often that he knows who she is.  She even plays softball and wants to be a catcher like Mike Piazza.

Speaking of Piazza, he is such a huge Rock ‘n Roll fan that he’d walk up to AC/DC songs.  On Monday Nights at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC, they would have Heavy Metal Karaoke and Piazza would show up from time to time to sing there. The Mets had a Fuji Fan Photo Day each year where the first 5,000 fans can go on the field and meet all of the players and sometimes get autographs and pictures.  I wish they would bring this back because it’s such a great experience.  Piazza was always at the end and taking pictures with fans.  Most people tried talking baseball with him, but he didn’t really talk much.  I knew he was a music fan so I told him that I was also a drummer like himself and we talked for a bit.  He seemed to want to continue the conversation, but security was pushing everyone out.

I know people get devastated when celebrities die, but it usually doesn’t affect me because I’m sure they wouldn’t cry if something happened to me. Also many of these deaths are drug related, which is something I’m completely opposed to.  I’ve never done a drug in my life and I hope that I can set a better example. This week was completely different, as MCA from the Beastie Boys passed away due to cancer.  This was heartbreaking because the Beastie Boys not only epitomized Brooklyn and my childhood (Fight For Your Right was the song in 1987 when I graduated grammar school), they were also DIE-HARD Mets fans.  This made them even cooler.  Their sound was awesome and always growing and I grew up with them.  I have to say that No Sleep Till Brooklyn has to be one of my favorites, but I do love most of what they do.  Sabotage was pretty ground-breaking as well.

Shortly after I heard of MCA’s passing, I found out that the Mets players were all going to walk-up to a Beastie Boys song, with David Wright taking dibs on “Brass Monkey.”  While he had a great choice, kudos goes to Daniel Murphy for choosing “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”  My other favorite Beastie Boys songs the Mets walked up to were “Intergalactic” (Ruben Tejada); “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” (Ike Davis); “So What’cha Want’” (Andres Torres) and “Body Movin’” (Dillon Gee).  Many times I’ve danced in a club to “Make Some Noise” (Josh Thole).  Some more obscure ones were “Paul Revere” (Vinny Rottino); “The New Style” (Lucas Duda) and “Root Down” (Scott Hairston)

I was hoping one of them would walk out to Girls, Sabotage or Hey Ladies.  No such luck, but maybe they’ll do it next time.  In any case, this is a completely classy move by the Mets and the players.  I’ll forever remember May 4, 2012 as the day all the Mets walked up to Beastie Boys songs.  So now that I’m back in Brooklyn from a 4-3 win over the D’backs- it’s time for me to sleep!

                                                                                               The Beastie Boys in 2006

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