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2 And A Hook Podcast #13: MLB Reports State Of The Union Address + MLB Fancave Top 7 Finalist Aaron Roberts

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Friday, Aug.16 2013

A      berts ball 1

’2 And A Hook’ is an expression from Baseball:  ‘Throw the guy 2 Fast balls and then a Hook’ (AKA Curve Ball, Wiggly one, Chair etc..)

By James Acevedo – Host (Podcast Veteran )

Guests On The Show:

On today’s show, brought to you by 

& yours truly The Bench Warmers Show.

  I start off with the new replay rules that mlb wants to put in starting next season in 2014.

Chuck Booth (16 minute mark and a 40 Minute Segment) calls in on his segment to talk about the HUGE changes that are taking place on the MLB Reports website so make sure you all check that out!!

Also I got to talk to Thomas Aaron Roberts (1 hour in and 50 minutes) )

Roberts was one of the last 7 MLB Fancave Dwellers & was our first LA Dodgers correspondent back in the infancy of MLB Reports!!

We talked about his experience in the MLB Fancave, all of the ball players he met & advice on being a MLB Fancave Dweller for future contestants…

then we get into about his team the Dodgers & if he thinks they have a chance to go to the World Series!!

Plus i get into my future award winning segment & everyone’s favorite Stats & Facts so pull up a chair, download/play this podcast & SPREAD THE WORD!!! Thank you all for your continuous support!!!

Either click the link just below here… or you can go past the show logo or CLICK THE READ TO READ THIS ENTRY – to listen to it on our Player

2 And A Hook Podcast #13

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From the 2011 MLB Fancave Phenomenon: Ode To Ryan Wagner – ‘Thickish’ Players from 1986 – 2011

Ryan Wagner was called 'Thickish' by Baseball Tonight's Mitch Williams and the nickname stuck.  Wagner is currently the PA announcer for the Baltimore Orioles,

Ryan Wagner was called ‘Thickish’ by Baseball Tonight’s Mitch Williams and the nickname stuck. Wagner is currently the PA announcer for the Baltimore Orioles.

In 2011, Ryan Wagner and Mike O ‘Hara were part of the 1st season of the MLB Fancave.  As part of their introduction to ESPN, Mitch Williams interviewed Ryan Wagner – and called him ‘Thickish’.

he nickname stuck with the cave dweller for the whole season.  I went as far to help the cause by taking up the cause at Safeco Field.  It was a funny part of the year.

The Social Media frenzy that the MLB Fancave came up with was a fantastic concept.  Through the interaction with Mike and Ryan, I actually met Jonathan Hacohen (Founder of the MLB Reports) – and we started talking baseball.

A year and a half later, I ended up agreeing to purchase the website.

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Jose Altuve: The Speedy Little Big Man

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Sunday Mar.31/2013

Jose Altuve was named an ALL-Star Reserve at 2B in 2012 with his .309 AVG in the 1st half and after appearing in the 2011 Futures Game.  He hit .290 with 33 SB and 80 Runs in his 1st full season.  He is under club control until 2018.

Jose Altuve was named an ALL-Star Reserve at 2B in 2012 with his .309 AVG in the 1st half and after appearing in the 2011 Futures Game. He hit for a 3 Slash Line  .290/.340/.750  with 34 Doubles, 7 HRs and 41 RBI.  The man also had 33 SB (7th in the NL) and 80 Runs in his 1st full season.  Altuve is also a great defender (4th in the NL with Assists during the campaign – while only committing 11 Errors.  He  is under club control until 2018 with the Houston Astros.

By Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Analyst/Website Owner):

Last year we all discovered what was the phenomenon of what was the Jose Altuve Movement.  You can check out that article here.  Since that day, the Astros have traded away every semblance of a veteran – and are carrying a salary that is being challenged by the Yankees Taxi Sqaud of players that have come in since the start of the week.

One of the best things to do at Minute Maid Park – and on broadcast via Root Sports, will be to watch the little speedster from Venezuela.  He is 5 Foot 5 – and swings like Jeff Bagwell.  Everything about this man is pure heart, emotion and effort.

MLB Fancave gets measure in Altvues!!

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My Adventures As A MLB Fancave Top 30 Finalist In Phoenix!

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Friday, February.22/2013

a     cape in the cave 1

By Aaron Roberts (Dodgers Correspondent / MLB Fancave Top 30 Finalist 2013):  

Here are all of the videos I have done for the MLB Fancave and also my latest blog entries.  Bookmark the next link here for this will have all of the dedicated information for my quest to be in New York as an MLBFancave Dweller all of the 2013 Year.  Thanks to the MLB Reports for allowing  me this platform!  Right after the videos and a page break – are the 3 days I spent in Phoenix with 29 other prospective cave dwellers. 

The Videos:

Interview with Adam Kennedy:

Dodgers and Angels Fan In Love – MLB Top 30 MLB Fancave Finalist Video:

Taking the Campaign to the streets of LA:

Get to know your LA Dodgers MLB Fancave Representative:

Vote For me (Thomas Roberts AKA – #CapeintheCave):

You can vote for me by either clicking on this link here: – This Link also contains my 2 minute application video.

Or going to the MLB Fan Cave website, clicking on “Vote” at the top and finding “Thomas Roberts.” I have my submission video on there so you can watch that as well. You can also come be my friend on Twitter  Facebook ( Instagram (@Bertsball) and my Blog ( I post about the Dodgers, Baseball and my campaign frequently on each of them.

Thank You so much and I appreciate everyone’s support! Read the rest of this entry

The Jose Altuve Phenomenon

Friday June.15/2012

Jose Altuve is listed as 5 foot five although he may be even shorter than that. His lethal swings have created a new metric measurement based on his height called an ‘Altuve.’ Everyone is picking up the new measurement including social media platforms dedicated to the cause: @howmanyaltuves on twitter and the official website –Photo courtesy of the Washington Post.

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer and @chuckbooth3024 on twitter)- Baseball lends itself to traditions and nicknames like no other sport in the world.  During last year, there were two phenomenons in the form of social media and radio.   I was lucky enough to be part of them both.  The MLB ‘Fancave’ sidekick Ryan Wagner was dubbed ‘thickish’ by Mitch Williams of the MLB Network.  The social media took off on his nickname and blogs, websites and a lot of the Fancave skits had Mike O’ Hara calling Wagner ‘thickish.’  I love things like this. I took it upon myself to be the West Coast distributor of the movement.  I was even fortunate enough to have Ryan Wagner write a blog about my buddy Justin and I.  It was cool  to be part of the fun of this social media driven nickname.

Then the summer of 2011 hit.  I was listening to MLB Roundtrip like I do every night while at work.  Mike Ferrin and Morgan Ensberg were talking about Jose Altuve of the Houston Astros.  There were saying the man was swinging out of his cleats like he was Paul Bunyan.  They also mentioned that Altuve was the leader of the Texas League (before his call up) for average.  The next thing I knew Ensberg suggested that they should come up with a new unit of measurement called an “Altuve.”  The idea would be that you can divide the total amount of feet hit for a home run divided Jose Altuve’s height.  I couldn’t stop laughing at the concept.  To me,  Ensberg was entirely right, Altuve does sound like a unit measurement!   For the next few weeks, the guys kept on speaking of long homers hit and how many Altuve’s they would go. Read the rest of this entry


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