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MLB Should Distribute More Games Against All Teams For Every Club

Thursday, Nov.29/2012


Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer/Website Owner):

I wrote an article about 6 months ago that investigated a solution to a Payroll/Geographical Alignment that the MLB should consider in going forward for the next CBA discussions in 2016 here.  Let’s be real and this will never happen.  The idea of running any drastic re-alignment is probably too much for the folks at MLB to fathom.  However, there is a growing trend that is starting to rear its ugly head in MLB Baseball.  It is the bigger market teams really starting to throw down some serious dollars, while the lesser revenue teams can’t keep up with same kind of salary influx.  Of course I have fought this fight on Twitter, Facebook and any other social media platform I have found.  Sooner or later these big salaried teams will reel off a bunch of World Series Titles amongst themselves and it will leave the MLB having as much competitive balance as the NBA. Read the rest of this entry

The Dodgers Are Going To Force the MLB Into Changes

Friday, September.21/2012

When Magic Johnson and his ownership group spent 2 Billion Dollars on acquiring the Franchise, that should have been a red-flag that they were going to outspend every club when it came to payroll. Get ready for it baseball world!

Chuck Booth (Lead Baseball Writer):

Baseball is about to receive a serious wake-up call from the Dodgers.  Perhaps the Yankees would have already done what the Magic Johnson ownership team is planning, had “The Boss” had full faculties and the team had not cashed in on the 2009 World Series.  With no salary cap and a soft luxury tax on the heavy spenders, the MLB is really setting themselves up for a disaster when a team finally pulls the trigger on obliterating the payroll system.  The Dodgers new ownership has spent 2 Billion on the California Franchise.  They are in perfect position with Billions in revenue about to be promised for the TV rights of their franchise.  So do you really think they are done spending on the team?  I would be surprised if the Dodgers payroll isn’t in the $230-$250 Million Dollar Range for 2013.

I wrote an article about this very topic right after the trade that brought over the Boston Red Sox big 3 salaried players.  You can check out that blog here.  As it stands right now, the 2013 Payroll projects to be in the 200-210 Million Dollar Range already.  You add the constant health doubts now plaguing Clayton Kershaw, plus a need for some more starting pitching and you could be sure these guys will make a play for a couple of starting pitchers.  Zack Greinke has to be on the club’s radar.  While Greinke might not be the top of the pitchers ‘Mount Rushmore’, he is really close to it.  He may get a 5-6 YR contract worth 90-105 Million Dollars.  He has pitched really well for the Los Angeles Angels, so clearly he likes the city. Read the rest of this entry


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