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Arizona DiamondBacks Roster In 2013: State Of The Union

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Saturday, February.16, 2013

The Diamondbacks will look to regain the the magic that aided them in winning the division in 2011.

The Diamondbacks will look to regain the magic that aided them in winning the division in 2011.

By Chris Lacey (Diamond Backs Correspondent)

Arizona Diamondbacks fans had some high hopes coming into the 2012 season after winning the division in 2011 and making their way back to the playoffs for the first time 2007. The 2012 off-season saw them bring in free agent OF Jason Kubel. The season started off great with a three game sweep of the San Francisco Giants, but when CF Chris Young went crashing into the wall to catch a deep ball against the Pittsburgh Pirates the team was never the same. The Diamondbacks are in tough division the NL West, which is known for pitching. They will have to rely on their young starters if they hope to compete with San Francisco Giants & Los Angeles Dodgers. The offense will have to get better with manufacturing runs and instead of depending on the long ball to score runs. They traded away RF Justin Upton and 3B Chris Johnson, but they brought in versatile player Martin Prado and pitching prospect Randall Delgado.

Game #7 of the 2001 World Series – Gonzalez Game Winner – Can the 2013 DBACKS get back to the WS?

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The Top-Ten MLB Batting Records: Are They Really Made to be Broken?

Wednesday May 30th, 2012

Robert Whitmer:  Baseball is the only sport where everything is tracked and recorded.  How many times did Nomar Garciaparra tap his feet in the batters box before he finally got settled and took a pitch?  I don’t know but I’m sure some guy with a clipboard has counted that on every pitch and even broken it down by situation.  Maybe he does it more on a 2-2 count than he does on a 1-2 count.  Does it really matter?  IT’S A FREAKING TOE TAP!  I don’t see how it does matter but deep down there could be some relation of number of toe taps to how his approach at the plate varies.  I remember reading an article the winter after McGwire finished his 70 home run season and he said something about people counting the number of cups of coffee that he drank in the clubhouse before each game.  I’m telling you; baseball tracks EVERYTHING!  There are single season records and career records.  I will rank, starting at the most likely to be broken to least likely, my 10 coolest hitting records that I can find. With of course, a little bit of commentary on the side. 

So….  Without further ado (I feel like David Letterman here), I have in my hand the Top-ten list for today!


10. Career Cycles, 3, Bob Meusel, Babe Herman

            I think that this record will fall.  To complete it a player must be well-rounded.  Speed to leg out the triple, and power to knock one over the fence.  Plus we are talking career here not single season.  If this was single season it would be high up on the list.  Matt Kemp would be the one to break this one. 

9. Career Grounding Into Double Play, 350, Cal Ripken Jr.

            This I put in here mostly because I was shocked when I saw this.  I had no clue that Cal, as good of hitter as he was, grounded into that many double plays.  This one will be broken.  Vlad has done it 277 times so far.  He is a tad older but Pujols is at 237 and he has a lot of playing left in him.  Read the rest of this entry


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